Bivo is among the startups selected for Cosmofarma!

Cosmofarma Exhibition 2019 is the world’s leading pharmaceutical event to be held in Bologna Fiere from 12 to 14 April 2019. The fifth edition of Cosmofarma StartUp Village, organized by Cosmofarma and Wellcare, the agency will also be held in this area of Marketing and Communication specialized in the health and wellness sector. Wellcare is an enabling partner of Italia Startup, the main association that represents and supports national innovation also abroad. Many start-ups are part of this association but also incubators, investors, enablers, institutions and industries. Since 2015 Cosmofarma StartUp Village represents the space reserved for academic start-ups and spin-offs selected by Wellcare that develop projects focused on the world of pharmacy, product innovation and new technologies in the fields of wellness, nutrition, ICT, management and pharmaceutical marketing.

Ovidia Food is proud to announce its participation in the Cosmofarma Start-Up Village. Our start-up has in fact been selected among the hundreds of Italian companies and will have the opportunity to present Bivo during the most important Italian cosmo-pharmaceutical fair, to be held in Bologna Fiere next weekend!
We were rewarded for the long development on the product that brought Bivo, the only complete Italian food on the world market.
The peculiarity of Bivo, which surprised the selectors and guaranteed us one of the booths within the Start-Up Village, is to be able to provide everything that the organism needs according to the proportions of the Mediterranean diet, the whose benefits are universally recognized. Bivo contains all the macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fiber) and all micronutrients (all vitamins and mineral salts) and is free of preservatives, sweeteners and added sugars.
Another aspect of Bivo that has pleasantly impressed the selection team is to release energy without creating any glycemic peak.
This peculiar characteristic means that the product is used both in urban contexts for breakfast or a quick lunch, when in spite of having little time you still want to eat
in a healthy and balanced way, but also in the outdoor environment. Lovers of outdoor life appreciate Bivo for being able to be prepared in just a few seconds (just a little water and a water bottle) and the ease of being carried in any pocket of a backpack or jacket. Its specific composition makes Bivo suitable for all endurance sports enthusiasts, who use it as a post-physical recovery. In fact, there is no such complete and energy efficient product on the market.

Cosmofarma and Wellcare will present the most innovative services and products developed by academic start-ups and spin-offs for health and pharmacy in Hall 26 of the Bologna fair. We at Bivo will be present in the 3 days of the fair (12, 13 and 14 April) to present our product and tell about our past and the development of the future.

We thank Cosmofarma and Wellcare for the opportunity.
See you in Bologna Fiere from 12 to 14 April!