Bivo for Global Strike For Future

Today, 27 September 2019, is the day of the “Global Strike For Future”, literally the Global Strike for the Future, the last day of a week full of mobilizations and initiatives organized in order to bring the theme of the climate crisis to the center of the international media attention. This is a new protest Friday of the “Fridays for Future” movement born from the mobilizations of Greta Thundberg.

On our blog we have talked many times about the theme of sustainability, a theme that is very important to us, which has led us to launch Bivo, a sustainable food for the environment on the market.

Today’s protest calls for responses to the international political world four years after the Paris climate agreement. It is asked in particular that the promises contained in the agreement turn into actions that can lead humanity to overcome the current climate crisis, a crisis long left in the background by world political leaders. On the contrary, concrete and unprecedented measures are needed today in order to counter global warming and its disastrous consequences.

The climate crisis is a phenomenon that everyone (or almost) is realizing. Today the planet is 1 ° C warmer than in 1860 (the pre-industrial era). It may seem a trifle but in reality this degree is more, according to scientists, due to desertification, the melting of ice in the Arctic and the multiplication of environmental disasters (hurricanes, fires, deforestation). The consequences in the near future could devastating. A future without a coral reef, without polar bears, without Venice and many other cities in the world. Desertification will also bring millions of people to escape drought, famine, and epidemics.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the scientific forum formed by two UN bodies, the World Meteorological Organization and the United Nations Environment Program for the purpose of studying global warming, has recently defined the urgency to contain the increase in the global average temperature to +1.5 ° C (we are at +1 C °). To achieve this ambitious goal it is necessary to halve global CO2 emissions by 2030 and to zero them by 2050.

But the change does not pass only through global policies but also through the change of one’s habits which are by now unsustainable for the planet that hosts us. There is a need for the peoples of industrialized countries to change their habits; it is not an impossible or revolutionary thing: it is a question of avoiding the use of plastic shoppers preferring cotton ones (we give you a beautiful one by ordering Bivo); preferring public transportation to their car; avoiding food waste and many other small daily gestures. Among the small daily gestures there is also that of changing the way we eat: the production of animal meat is the main factor in the emission of greenhouse gases. In addition, intensive farming has other negative effects: the loss of biodiversity, water pollution, deforestation. We could talk about these issues for a long time (we already did this in the Sustainability section of this blog) and how man and science are trying to give answers to these problems (find many ideas in the Food Innovation section). Our small answer is called Bivo: a vegan and bio-sustainable food, useful in all occasions when you have little time to eat. It is not a “food for vegans” but rather a food for those who want to consume less poor quality meat and change their lifestyle in defense of the environment. For this reason, on the occasion of the Global Strike For Future we have decided to offer a SUPER OFFER to all those who are willing to change and counter the climate crisis EVERY DAY. Bivo for the next 3 days will be discounted by 25%. In addition, for every order we receive we will donate 1 euro to Legambiente, the Italian association that has been fighting for the protection of the environment in all its forms, for the quality of life, for a more just, fair and supportive society for 39 years.

To buy Bivo, get a 25% discount and donate 1 euro to Legambiente simply go to, add a product to the cart and enter the discount code “GREENFRIDAY”. Tackling the climate crisis is a battle that must be conducted day after day … Even at the table!