Bivo Ready to Use Cappuccino

It has been a few years since we launched the first version of Bivo. But it is always a great thrill and a huge pride to launch a new product on the market. So here we want to officially present you with this article: Bivo Ready To Use Cappuccino.

The name is actually long, it takes more time to pronounce it than to have breakfast … Yes, because with the new version of Bivo you will get even less to prepare a complete and balanced meal with all the balance of the Mediterranean diet, the vitamins and mineral salts.

What changes compared to before? Well first the format. The new version contains Bivo powder in a 100% recyclable PET bottle. To feed yourself, simply shake the powder to allow it to take in air (and not stand still at the bottom of the bottle), open the bottle, fill it with water and shake for a few seconds. Many have told us “sometimes I would need Bivo but I can’t bring the shaker with me”. Others, the lazy ones, told us: “in the evening at home, washing the shaker is a waste of time”. Now with the R2U version the shaker is no longer necessary, just bring a comfortable 500ml bottle containing the powder inside.

Another novelty is the Cappuccino taste, a delicate and pleasant taste, so much so that you seem to have in your hands the cup of your trusted bar while you are eating breakfast on Saturday morning.

The other big innovation of Bivo Ready To Use Cappuccino is that it is designed to be used as the first meal of the day. Thanks to the surveys carried out among our customers we have discovered that many people use Bivo for their breakfast when they don’t have the time to do it. This product is designed for them. In fact, compared to the usual composition, we have added the caffeine content present in a cup of espresso to make you start your morning with the right sprint.

What has not changed compared to the packet version? The naturalness of the ingredients, all of vegetable origin; the completeness and nutritional balance of the Mediterranean diet; the presence of all the vitamins and mineral salts and a complete amino acid profile. The fact that in our products we do not add sugars, sweeteners, preservatives or stabilizers.

The distinctive taste of a Made In Italy product designed for those who have decided to eat in a healthy, complete and balanced way has not changed.

To try it, go to Bivo Products Ready to Use. Have breakfast with the last Italian food innovation!