Bring Bivo to the table – Recipe of Bivo “Almond”

The first recipe in our “Bring Bivo to the table” column has almonds as the absolute protagonist. It is a simple but tasty recipe that will allow you to try Bivo with an absolutely new and pleasant note. You can try it on any occasion but we would like to advise you to test this recipe especially at breakfast or when you need a particularly energetic snack.

Bivo Neutro 50 grams (1 scoop / half portion)
Almond milk 150 grams (1 glass)
Peeled almonds 12 grams (10 almonds)
A cup of espresso (for coffee lovers)

Finely chop the almonds with a knife (for the less experienced we recommend the kitchen blender).
Pour the chopped almonds, a measuring cup of Bivo Neutro and a glass of almond milk into the Bivo shaker.
Shake for a few seconds.
If necessary, add water until you reach the desired density.

If you are a coffee lover we recommend adding a cup of espresso. It will make Bivo Mandorlato very similar to a cold cappuccino, absolutely delicious.

Here is a short video showing how quick and easy the preparation is!

Nutritional values of this recipe
– Calories 404 Kcal
– Fat 18.38 grams
– Carbohydrates 40.46 grams
– Protein 16.97 grams

We chose to start with this certainly easy and tasty recipe because the main ingredient we used, almond, has many beneficial properties:
– an energizing food thanks to the large amount of fatty acids it contains;
– it is a natural prebiotic able to protect the intestine;
– fights diabetes;
– strengthens the bones;
– reduce cholesterol and triglycerides;
– it is a natural source of iron;
– reduces the risk of heart attack and oxidative stress;
– prevents aging.

The combination of a natural and healthy food like Bivo with almonds is definitely a perfect match. What do you think about it?

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