Collaborations – CROW

For over a year Bivo has been a partner of CROW and has worked with Kyt Walken, a certified ranger and instructor.

C.R.O.W. – acronym for Conservation Rangers Operations Worldwide – is a non-profit organization of volunteers who are experts in the fight against poachers. The association aims to defend protected animal species in parks around the world.

The battle for the protection of species at risk of extinction is a very tough battle due to the constant and growing demand for wild animals from the rich countries of our planet to which the poverty of the countries in which animals at risk of extinction live . This means that on the one hand the rich part of the world goes in search of a fetish to exhibit, while the poor party favors these requests in exchange for compensation.

CROW fights this battle at the forefront thanks to a group of professionals who are experts in tactical medicine, in conservation, in tracking and in other useful subjects for the training of rangers in parks around the world. On these issues our friend Kyt holds weekly courses throughout Italy.

The non-profit organization has as its main themes the conservation and biodiversity; for this purpose it develops partnerships with other organizations involved in Animal Welfare. To this end, CROW sends certified volunteers and researchers, sends ad hoc material on these issues and carries out training activities for anti-poaching units.

The damage that poaching causes affects future generations, who risk seeing numerous amazing animal species disappear. Can you imagine a world without elephants, rhinos, lions, cheetahs … We at Bivo don’t want to imagine it; for this we support CROW and we invite you to do the same:

If you want to get to know Kyt Walken and his activities better, we leave you with his interview published a few months ago: and his facebook profile: