Collaborations – doctor Paola Salgarelli

8On our site there is not (for now) a page where we collect all the partners and collaborations that have enriched our project. In a short time it is our goal to publish a page of this type to publicly thank all these people and all the associations and give them the right visibility.

Our thanks can only begin with “our” nutritionist, Doctor Paola Salgarelli. Or rather, as she wants us to point out – rightly – our Nutritionist Biologist, a specialist in Food Science. Paola takes care of an entire section of the blog ( In this section, Dr. Salgarelli deals with various issues related to Bivo and more generally to nutrition. But in this article we want to tell you about how our collaboration was born and why it was decisive for the “Bivo project”.

When we contacted Paola for the first time – now over 3 years ago – we just didn’t have the phone on our faces. We believe he didn’t do it just because he is an extremely polite person. As explained to us later, in fact, nutritionists are harassed by commercial agents who are looking for nutritionists (or presumed to be) who are willing to offer their patients miraculous products that allow for almost instant weight loss. Paola, on the other hand, is keen to stress that she is a supporter of “real” food nutrition education. We have decided to involve you in our project for this also. We were looking for a professional who believed in our project and was a critical voice in the development of the Bivo formula. And his contribution, both for the first and for the second version of Bivo, was undoubtedly decisive and certainly not exhausted. Even today when we have a doubt or proposals on how to improve Bivo, we talk to Paola and ask for her opinion.

This collaboration, like all those that we carry out, are in the name of transparency and sincerity. We have never asked Paola to modify one of her articles or to “push” Bivo among her clients. This is why the fact that he has decided to become a consumer of Bivo and that to some of his patients propose Bivo in situations of need makes us enormously happy.

To conclude, we propose your review at the Bivo 2.0 release “Just to take advantage of its practicality, I thought of consuming it in the morning, the time of day when my rhythms are more agitated. For me it is enough half a dose of Bivo, 220 kcal, as a caloric intake for breakfast. In addition to enjoying the new tastes and the new formulation, I found myself very well, because it provided me with energy and a good sense of satiety until lunchtime. The rest of my food day went on like the other days, with lunch and dinner cooked my way. This is to show that one thing does not exclude the other! ”

We also advise you to follow the “cucina light” blog The blog is edited by Paola Salgarelli and her colleague Paola Richero. In the blog, which boasts collaborations with the most important Italian cooking magazines, numerous simple and tasty light recipes are offered. All accompanied by a thorough nutritional analysis.