Legambiente and the collaboration with Bivo

On 27 September the Global Strike For Future took place, which was the global climate strike. It was a day full of meanings in which many young people took to the streets to express their disappointment with the current climate crisis and to ask governments around the world for revolutionary policies to protect the environment.

As we have said many times sustainability also passes through our habits and a day of mobilization is not enough. Small daily gestures, if carried out by billions of people, can make the difference: this is why choosing to eat sustainably can also be an important response to the current climate crisis. This, as many will know, is one of the reasons why we launched Bivo.

At the “Green Friday” we decided to donate 1 euro to Legambiente for each order received from 27 to 29 September. Needless to say, many customers have been pleasantly impressed by this initiative and we have received many support emails. For this reason we have decided to extend this initiative and to donate 1 euro to Legambiente also for all the orders we will receive in October.

It is a pleasure for us to support Legambiente, an environmental association that is very present in our Vicenza area and throughout the country with over 100,000 supporters. We have decided to support Legambiente because of its ability to “think globally and act locally”, that is to say the ability to link the global issue with the specific and particular problems of people with an emphasis on urban degradation of cities and on the link between economy and environment. Another element that we like about Legambiente is to support its “no” on a scientific basis.

Legambiente is also very active in schools, taking an interest in the education and training of younger citizens and involving over 30,000 classes: protecting the environment

So for the whole month of October, if you buy Bivo,you will give 1 euro to Legambiente.

To do it just go to

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We also invite you to support Legambiente with your donations by going to the website https://www.legambiente.it/.