Oats properties (and the reasons why it is Bivo’s first ingredients)

In this short article we talk about the properties and benefits of oats, in particular wholemeal oats: the first ingredient of Bivo.

There are several reasons why we have chosen an ancient ingredient such as wholegrain oats as the basis for an innovative food such as Bivo. First of all, the oats used in Bivo have a useful characteristic: that of melting well in water (but also in cow or vegetable milk) while maintaining a pleasant and round taste.
We chose oats not only for its “functional” properties but also for its many nutritional properties.

Oats are consumed on a large scale in various countries of the world (from Northern Europe to North America but also in Russia, Turkey and many other countries).
The consumption of oats in Italy is instead less widespread, even in recent years there has been a marked increase precisely because of the nutritional quality of this ingredient.
Oats, especially wholemeal, are incredibly rich in nutrients. In fact, it contains carbohydrates (the most macronutrient of this ingredient), but also proteins, to a greater extent than other cereals, and lipids. Then it includes a high quantity of fibers. Moreover, oats are naturally very rich in vitamins and minerals.
In addition, β-glucans, prebiotics which are present in the oats, particularly in the fibers, famous for the beneficial effects on our intestines. There is also avenin, an alkaloid concentrated in the bran and with a toning, energizing and rebalancing effect. Also worth mentioning is the excellent amino acid profile of oats, better than other cereals (and completed in Bivo by the other ingredients selected for the product), in addition to the presence of polyphenols, natural antioxidants.

The properties of this extraordinary ingredient are many: oats are an ingredient that has a low glycemic index. It was the main reason that led us to choose it for Bivo: we wanted a food capable of releasing energy over time, avoiding glycemic peaks (on this topic we advise you to read the following article of Dr Paola Salgarelli https://www.completefood.it/en/glycemic-index-glycemic-load-and-bivo/).
In addition, a diet rich in fiber provides the body with many beneficial effects demonstrated by numerous scientific studies. The list of beneficial effects of the fibers is really long: from the decrease in blood pressure, to the reduction of the risks of cardiovascular diseases, to a lower probability of contracting diseases of the intestine such as colorectal cancer.
In addition, oats have an extraordinary natural satiating effect. It is also thanks to the presence of oats that the consumption of Bivo is so effective not only in bringing the right energy and all that is needed to the body, but also to avoid the unpleasant sense of compulsive hunger, typical of the hours after meals fast and fast food in general.

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