Startup to notice: Ocean Hugger Foods

Let’s return after a while to talk in this blog about innovative products in the food world developed with the aim of solving the enormous sustainability problems of the current food model.

We had previously named two American companies active in the world of “meat”, with two different approaches.
Beyond Meat is no longer a startup (, as for years now the delicious vegetable meat substitutes of animal meat are very popular in the United States. Despite having the taste, smell and appearance of real meat, Beyond Meat products do not contain anything of animal origin. Certainly many will be skeptical in Italy regarding this approach, but the result is that with the spread of products of this type the consumption of animal meat may decrease, with positive effects on the environment and on the future of us all. We will never get tired of remembering that our food model is the first cause of climate change. We invite you to read these two articles on our blog and -the-polar-bears /).

Memphis Meats ( instead has an even more radical approach. For years the company has been working with very important investments (we are talking about millions of dollars) to produce meat from animal cells. The result will be to have real meat, but without having to raise, feed and kill animals (with all the negative effects on the ecosystem that intensive animal husbandry involves).

But today we would like to report a new reality, called Ocean Hubber Foods ( The company has launched a product, Ahimi, which aims to save tuna from extinction, whose presence in the world seas has undergone a drastic reduction over the past few years.
The worldwide volume of tuna sold every day is enormous and the ocean does not meet this demand for much longer. 90% of the marine population composed of predatory fish has already disappeared or is at risk of extinction. Tuna unfortunately is no exception.
Ahimi is a totally vegetal, sustainable alternative, and according to many American consumers very good.
Ocean Hubber Foods is already working on other products, which will be released in the coming months.
We wish to good luck to Ocean Hubber Foods, hoping that even some Italian companies will take inspiration from this idea to develop, with the typical creativity and culinary wisdom of the Bel Paese, a product that goes in the same direction.