Summer lunch break

You woke up after a typical summer night when you surely sweated more than you were able to sleep. Good times when you went to school and these days coincided with the beginning of freedom, the alarm stopped ringing early and it was too early to start homework … A real blast!

But now the story is different. Since you started working, the summer months before the holidays are a real torment. At least today is finally Friday, a hot summer Friday but at least tomorrow you can go swimming. After working hours, then a pleasant evening awaits you in the company of long-time friends: aperitif in your favorite place and then cinema under the stars.

As long as you are not late for work to deliver the papers of the last project … In that case, goodbye aperitif and run to get to the cinema in time for the show.

Luckily one of your friends wrote a few weeks ago in your whatsapp group that a few months ago, when she was out for work, she used an innovative food called Bivo and convinced you to try it. Bivo is not the classic drink that you need to lose weight and that forces you to take refreshment from the machine after a couple of hours. It is a healthy food, in powder form and gives you a lot of energy. It is vegan and has an excellent amino acid profile. For those who pay attention to their body and health, avoiding junk food is increasingly complex. So a few weeks ago you decided to buy the package with 12 product bags and you trusted a small Italian company. Every once in a while when you go out for lunch you don’t realize that eating a simple salad (of those in bags with canned tuna caught somewhere) you spend a high price on low quality foods. How much can you get to pay for a very simple (and sad) salad, the covered and half a liter of water? Not less than 8-10 euros. Well Bivo costs just 3.99 per meal and you have a food made from natural ingredients of excellent quality. So far you have tasted 3 tastes while for your lunch today you brought Bivo Ciocco-Caffè with you. Another convenience is that the envelope can be closed so if you are not too hungry you can only use half of it and supplement your meal with the inevitable dose of cherries. Normally during lunch break you prefer to leave the office and have lunch with colleagues, a way to disconnect and at the same time do a little group (or team building as the boss says). But in the summer, going from 25 degrees in the office to 35 degrees outside is really a huge effort and it definitely makes you want to have lunch. And then, today, saving yourself the half hour of your lunch break could make the difference between being able to have a drink with your friends and stay in the office until late … And then a bag of Bivo Ciocco-Caffè, 300 ml of cold water: a great refreshing, healthy and good summer lunch is served.