Take Bivo to the Table – Stracciatella and Pumpkin

What’s better than a nice hot soup for dinner on cold winter evenings? A nice, complete and balanced soup according to the proportions of the Mediterranean Diet, perhaps. A dish that is not easy to prepare without a precious ally like Bivo Carrot-Pumpkin. And since we at Bivo do not fear the judgment of anyone, not even the judges of Masterchef, for this recipe we wanted to surpass ourselves and offer you a very special recipe that would not disfigure in many restaurants. And we are sure it will make you lick your mustache.


Bivo Carrot-Pumpkin 75 grams (1 and a half scoop)

Pumpkin 100 grams

Stracciatella 50 grams

Chives as required

Salt as needed

Aromas to your liking


Cut 100 grams of pumpkin into cubes, steam the pumpkin and then sauté in a pan with salt, pepper and herbs, seasoning to your liking.

Heat 300 ml of water.

Add 1 and a half scoops of Bivo Carrot-Pumpkin to your shaker.

Add the still hot water to the shaker.

Shake. ***

Pour the contents of the shaker into a plate. ***

Salt to your liking.

Garnish with the previously sautéed pumpkin, with the grace of chef Locatelli (he is an Italian chef participating in the programme Masterchef).

Add the stracciatella, as chef Cannavacciuolo (he is an Italian chef participating in the programme Masterchef) would do.

Finish with the chives so that Chef Barbieri (he is an Italian chef participating in the programme Masterchef) does not define your dish as a “mappazzone”.

Nutritional values

Calories 445

Fat 17.6 grams

Carbohydrates 40.1 grams

Protein 24.6 grams

*** Since the shaker is designed to be used with room temperature or lukewarm water, with hot water there is the risk of a puff of hot air that could escape from the opening. We therefore recommend that you shake with a finger on the cap. Furthermore, when you go to remove the cap it is essential to do so without pointing it towards the face.

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