The 5 differences between Bivo and other complete foods

The first Complete Food, Soylent, was launched on the market in 2014. Since then, many brands have been born around the world that have embraced Rob Rhinehart’s initiative: to offer consumers a complete and ready food in seconds. Of course, the various complete foods on the market today differ in their formulation, ingredients and many other aspects.

In this article we explain what are the 5 main differences that distinguish Bivo from any other competitor.

1 – Made in Italy

Bivo is the first (and at the moment still the only) Complete Food Made in Italy. It is something we particularly care about, because innovating in the food sector in Italy is very complex, but ensures a quality that is difficult to achieve elsewhere.

The controls in the field of food safety in our country are also among the most stringent in the world: an aspect that enormously protects the consumer more.

2 – Additives Free

Bivo is a very nutritionally cared product. Our attention to the naturalness of the ingredients is meticulous.

Not only are we the only Complete Food to use only natural ingredients, but Bivo has no sweeteners and no added sugars. Without stabilizers, without preservatives, without thickeners.

Bivo 3.0, available in the varieties Neutral, Carrot-Pumpkin and Bitter Cocoa, is even without flavorings.

In other words, Bivo is additives free.

The other products, on the contrary, always use additives. Whether they are sweeteners, added sugars, flavors (perhaps not natural but artificial), stabilizers, or preservatives.

3 – 100% Vegan

Our food model is absolutely unsustainable due to intensive farming due to the massive and growing consumption of meat by humans.

The ingredients of vegetable origin have an infinitely lower environmental impact than those of animal origin: we are convinced that it is necessary to reduce the daily consumption of meat and animal derivatives by people.

For this reason Bivo uses only and exclusively 100% vegan ingredients.

On the contrary, in the other products, milk or its derivatives (such as milk proteins) are often used, of which Bivo is lacking.

Despite using only plant-based ingredients, Bivo 3.0. it has an absolutely satisfactory content and quality of proteins (thanks to pea proteins, rice proteins, oats and flax seeds) and has an absolutely unsurpassed palatability.

4 – Higher quality

The ingredients present in Bivo have been chosen for their high nutritional quality. An example above all is borage oil. For all other ingredients, such as oats, coconut oil, or linseed, we select suppliers based on the quality of the raw materials.

There are in fact types of oats, coconut oil, flax seeds of very different qualities. This difference is reflected in the cost of the raw material and the final product. We assure you that we could pay for the ingredients up to 10 times less, but we have decided not to save on quality and not to compromise: Bivo must always be a product of the highest quality.

5 – Bivo is tastier

Taste is always subjective, there is no question of this.

However, we are convinced that, comparing the new version of Bivo with any of the other products, the naturalness of the product and the care in choosing the ingredients ensure that the flavor and creaminess are absolutely superior.

We are convinced that the new Bivo is better than all the other products on the market.

But it’s the customers who have to judge: let us know what you think after trying it! (Write us your review at or publish it directly on our website under the ordered product)

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