The importance of a varied diet

Those who follow us know this well: we at Bivo believe in a scientific approach to the world of nutrition. We have a lot of faith in science.

This introduction introduces the theme of this short post, which aims to talk about the importance of variety for people’s health.

Bivo is a complete food, the first product of this type ever made in Italy. As a truly complete food, it contains everything our body needs. Proteins (including all essential amino acids), carbohydrates, fiber, lipids (including omega 3 and omaga 6), all vitamins and all mineral salts. Theoretically, a person could live eating only and only Bivo.

Certainly, from an economic point of view it would be good for our customers to always eat Bivo: for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Why then do we not offer this to our customers?

Leaving aside the cultural motivations and the convivial importance of food (really someone in Italy, with our culinary culture and tradition, thinks of eating only one food, as proposed in different tastes?), Let’s focus on purely nutritional aspects. There are no scientific studies attesting to the safety of basing one’s diet solely on a complete food. Indeed, complete food is a very recent innovation. Of course, there are companies in this sector that offer their product to completely replace a person’s diet. Soylent, an American company that invented this category of products, was born with this basic idea. Other products insist on proposing this extreme approach.

We instead believe it is right to propose Bivo only for situations where our product is useful to people.

Some examples:

  • when you have little time to eat and want to eat healthy while avoiding junk foods
  • when looking for a natural and light food to keep your weight under control and avoid heavy eating
  • when you don’t feel like cooking and washing dishes and pots
  • when doing sports and looking for a very energy-efficient food that does not create glycemic peaks
  • when trekking or hiking.

However, we believe that nutrition must be varied, indeed as varied as possible.

Different foods contain different nutritional substances. To man, as an omnivore, it is good to take a bit of everything. From our point of view, even if theoretically a real complete food like Bivo has everything the body needs, there are things that even today’s food science knows. And if tomorrow did science discover nutrients unknown today? We have faith in science.

But this does not mean that we believe it has all the answers today.

As the late Margherita Hack said: “Science cannot give a total answer. So the mystery is certainly there. ”

It is not wise to think of merely eating one type of food.

When in doubt, we think that it is always better to try to eat as naturally as possible and with foods treated as little as possible on an industrial level. This is the reason why Bivo, although innovative, actually contains only natural ingredients and that do not undergo any industrial treatment that alters the content of the raw materials that compose it.