The novelties of Bivo 3.0

The date of November 20, 2020 is particularly important in the Bivo project. On that very day, in fact, we launched the new version of Bivo, Bivo 3.0.

The new product is available on our shop from today thanks to the long development work carried out together with our Scientific Committee: Dr. Paola Salgarelli, nutrition biologist; Dr. Chiara Fogolari, nutritionist biologist and Dr. Marco Mattesco, food technologist. After this development we can certainly say that we have improved the Bivo formula.

What are the news? We explain them to you in 7 simple points.

1.New flavours – much tastier

The first big news are tastes. The first flavors we will launch are:

Neutral. The base product, Gusto Neutro (the old Oat flavor) is very delicate. This will allow us to offer Bivo in many customizable recipes, which make it comparable to a slice of bread or a plate of pasta (but nutritionally balanced). Bivo is nothing more than natural powdered food, designed to be nutritionally complete, healthy and efficient.
Carrot-Pumpkin. Good with water at room temperature. Also delicious with warm or hot water, becoming a velvety. Also for this version of Bivo, absolutely enjoyable even without additions, we will propose new recipes to customize your dish to your liking every day.
Bitter Cocoa. It is definitely the version that will leave you speechless. A full and satisfying taste that will leave the taste of chocolate in your mouth for a long time. This version will also be very easily customizable. If Carota-Zucca is ideal for your lunches, always different. Bivo Cacao Amaro, also good cold, is certainly the ideal base for tasty and attractive hot drinks.

We have made the taste of Bivo much more persistent and decisive, using pure ingredients, which are 100% Carrot Powder and 100% Pumpkin Powder and 100% Bitter Cocoa Powder.

2.New format – multi-portion

In the first batch, the jar will contain 800 grams of powder: 8 meals. A 100 ml measuring spoon is supplied with the jar: 2 measuring spoons are a complete meal.

We took this decision to make Bivo an even more sustainable product from an environmental point of view. This packaging, which can be disposed of in aluminum, allows us to significantly reduce the consumption of material needed for Bivo’s packaging.

3.Rice proteins

We have added rice protein isolate to the formulation. By doing so, we increase the protein content of the product, which now reaches 25 grams of protein per meal.

We are still within the parameters of the Mediterranean diet, but now the caloric intake of the product is divided as follows:

43% energy from carbohydrates
7% energy from fibers
25% energy from fat (with only 10 grams of fat)
25% energy from protein (with a whopping 25 grams of protein)

Furthermore, with the addition of rice protein, we improve an important indicator, the Chemical Index, which measures the quality of a food’s proteins.

In addition, Bivo has a complete amino acid profile of all essential amino acids.

4. We removed the corn maltodextrin

We removed corn maltodextrin from the formulation. Doing so further decreases the Bivo Glycemic Index.

We decided to remove maltodextrin to improve the effect of the product with respect to blood sugar. Bivo used to be a low glycemic index food, now it is even more so. Bivo was an energy efficient food, now it is even more so.

5. We added 6 mineral salts

We have added some mineral salts that were not there before: copper, chromium, chlorine, molybdenum, phosphorus, iodine.

Thus we come to have 27 micronutrients within Bivo, including mineral salts and vitamins.

There are truly all the micronutrients useful to humans, none excluded.

The nutritional completeness of Bivo is thus further improved.

6. We changed Oat flour

We have changed the main ingredient of Bivo.

The new oat flour we use is certified gluten free (which is in great demand by customers).

In addition, it is more finely ground. This is the most important point of all: thanks to the new Bivo composition it becomes creamier (without any floury), with a more delicate, absolutely pleasant oat taste.

7. Even cheaper price

The packaging change has another important consequence. Thanks to the new format we are able on the one hand to have lower production costs, and on the other hand to be more efficient in terms of logistics. In this way, while maintaining the absolute quality of the ingredients that make up Bivo, we can offer an absolutely competitive price per meal. By purchasing 3 jars of Bivo 3.0. (24 portions) from November 20th Bivo is available at the introductory price of only 2.70 per meal. Not bad for a complete, balanced and Made in Italy food.

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