By Kyt Lyn Walken

Survive in the desert for 71 days: it’s really impossible! Ricky Megee’s story, seemingly incredible though, would seem to prove otherwise.

It is January 2006, precisely on the 23rd day. While going to his new job, the thirty-five year old Megee decides to give a ride to a group of hitchhikers who are stopped in the middle of the Australian Outback, the vast internal area of ​​the continent, characterized by a desert landscape (and climate).

The young Ricky, in retrospect, says he does not remember at all what happened shortly after: he supposes to have been drugged, wrapped in plastic – a bit like Twin Peaks’ Laura Palmer to be clear, and thrown into a hole in an extremely remote area, populated by dingo.

Having managed to free himself, Megee realizes that he does not see his car in the surroundings, and that he is practically alone, practically with nothing on him, and, what is worse, far from any form of civilization to ask for help.

It remains 71 days in what is usually referred to as “somewhere, in the middle of nowhere“, using an American expression.

Some survival skills, as in the case of the other stories discussed above, allow him to survive: he manages to build a shelter using branches and leaves to protect himself from the strong night temperature range, and with the rocks he creates a sort of barricade against dingo raids; with improvised spears it catches and feeds on insects, leeches, snakes. And for water? He claims to have drunk his own urine.

All this until the day when the cattlemen find him, skeletal and having lost 45 kg. Immediately taken to hospital, doctors are concerned about his severe state of malnutrition and malnutrition, but he survives.

His story has certainly aroused many suspicions, yet no irrefutable evidence has been found that would prove the untruthfulness of his version. As his car has never been found. We like to think he did it. Really, and with all his honest will.

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