Here we go again: the spring has begun and, like every year in this period, media campaigns are intensified to lose weight easily, quickly, or even immediately! The net in particular is full of everything, because the arrival of the warm season invites everyone to get back in shape and in this there is nothing wrong, indeed! The problem is that you need to turn to the right people, then to nutritionists.
Just to clarify, the nutritionist is a doctor or a biologist specialized in Nutrition Science or with specific nutritional skills acquired with specific masters or courses.
The nutritionist is not Google! Unfortunately on the web it seems that everyone knows about diets, but in reality they are given advice that can even become dangerous. With the advent of social media many believe that there is an immediate and simple answer to everything, even in fields, such as nutrition, where this is not possible.

Davide and Taddeo, founders of Bivo, told me that people often write to them asking for directions to lose weight. “We respond every time that we are not nutritionists and therefore cannot indicate any diet. Let’s say that Bivo is a balanced food that can be included in a nutritional plan also for the purpose of losing weight, but that it is necessary to have a diet prescribed by a professional “. This is to make you understand that whoever conceived Bivo has a philosophy based on transparency and not on false and easy promises.

But why is it better to rely on the nutritionist to get back in shape? First of all because we are not all equal and therefore each of us needs the most suitable diet for age, the level of physical activity, the type of work and much more, such as health problems and, why not, also taste personnel. Furthermore, only those in the sector will be able to prepare an adequate dietary scheme as a caloric intake and at the same time balanced for what concerns micro- and macronutrients.
Another important point is that, in order to have a personalized consultation, it is necessary to physically go to the nutritionist’s office, because he will have to visit the person to detect the anthropometric measurements (weight and circumferences) and to do in-depth examinations (such as plicometry and impedance). Furthermore, during the visit the nutritionist will inform you about your eating habits and your health by viewing blood tests and reports. Only after collecting all these data will he be able to prepare a personalized eating plan aimed at the patient’s goal. This goal may be weight loss, but also an increase in a person who is too thin or weight maintenance for those who turn to the nutritionist only to improve their diet.
Another important point that the network cannot replace the professional is the relationship established over time between the nutritionist and the patient. Only by setting a periodic calendar of meetings (once a month, for example) is it possible for the professional to adequately follow the person, for example by checking that the weight does not fall too quickly or too slowly or motivating the patient to continue the diet in inevitable moments of “crisis”. Another of the advantages of periodic checks is the patient’s compliance with the diet: if you are not controlled it will be easier to check out, while if you are followed by a specialist the diet will be more easily respected.
At this point it is clear that the network can never replace the nutritionist, nevertheless from it you can get useful general information that, with common sense and using serious sites, can help.

But were Davide and Taddeo right to say that Bivo can fit into a low-calorie diet with the help of a nutritionist? Of course yes, because Bivo is a balanced product in its nutrients, according to the percentages of the Mediterranean Diet. Certainly, therefore, the nutritionist will succeed in inserting it within the day, balancing it with other meals. So even those on a diet can take advantage of the practicality and ease of preparation of Bivo!

Paola Salgarelli, Biologist Nutritionist, specialist in Food Science