Bivo at Startup Village at Cosmofarma

The Bivo stand on the weekend just ended had to split. In addition to being present at the splendid Ultra Trail Via degli Dei (link to the article) we were at the forefront of the 5th Start Up Village in Pavilion 26 of Cosmofarma at the Bologna fair. In this space made available to the most interesting innovative start-ups in the sector (by Cosmofarma and Wellcare) we were able to introduce Bivo to the numerous professionals present at the fair. In this space, reserved for academic start-ups and spin-offs selected by Wellcare from the hundreds that request, we have been able to tell our story, our project and the developments we intend to carry forward in the future.
It was certainly a unique opportunity, just think that Cosmofarma is the most important trade fair in Italy and can boast the presence of thousands of professionals in the cosmopharmaceutical sector.
As the organizers explain, “The 5th Cosmofarma StartUp Village is the demonstration that Relations in the center is not just a slogan, but a winning strategy to innovate and improve both public health and the pharmaceutical supply chain business”. Participating in this event has allowed us to network and meet other young people who have undertaken ambitious and innovative projects. One of the purposes of the Start Up Village is precisely to “promote relations between startups and multiply the opportunities for growth, relations with international institutions to look and dare across borders, relations with companies, true champions of development and take-off of many innovative projects. And relations with pharmacists to experiment and adapt Bivo’s innovation to the real needs of customers in a store or pharmacy is certainly an important option for the development of our project. “Thanks to the new technologies developed at universities and incubators, in fact, the pharmacy is ready to become a smart-lab and the information hub closest to consumers”. Being able to explain what Bivo is and why it can be useful to all people who need to eat in a healthy, complete and balanced way, even on the most hectic days, was certainly a unique opportunity. The people who have chosen Bivo in Italy are more and more, with thousands of people who consume and appreciate the product. But we are aware that we have managed to intercept a small slice of people who would receive a real benefit in their lives by using Bivo. This is why our project can only be at the beginning.

Among the many interesting ideas that were presented by our stand neighbors, we cannot but talk about Epicura (, the first digital clinic in Italy. This service will allow you to book a visit to a medical-health specialist, the network has over 700, in just a few clicks. The professionals of Epicura will then join you at home, 7 days a week, saving you time and with all possible comfort. A wonderful idea carried out by smart guys who decided to invest in a complex but exciting project.