Review of the new Bivo by Paola Salgarelli

The Biologist Nutritionist Paola Salgarelli, who has followed our path since its beginning, has sent us a review of Bivo, this time as a simple user. We publish it with great pleasure. It is great the idea to use Bivo for breakfast!

When I met the creators of Bivo I was a little biased against their product. As a nutritionist, in fact, I am in favour of nutritional education and for “real food”. But I wanted to hear their ideas anyway and I understood that it was something innovative and directed to simplify people’s lives. Bivo is not the classic protein milkshake for bodybuilders. Of course: it is a meal replacement, but it is perfectly balanced according to the criteria of the Mediterranean Diet and it is made for who eat traditionally everyday, but sometimes finds herself in a situation where she cannot prepare a balanced meal. In these cases Bivo helps you and allows you to eat healthy even when you are in a hurry.

I have just tested Bivo 2.0. Exactly for its convenience, I thought to consume it in the morning, the moment of my day when my rhythms are faster. For me half a portion of Bivo, 220 kcal, is enough as a caloric intake for breakfast. I do not only like the new flavours and the new formula, but I find the product very useful because it gave me energy and a good sense of satiety until lunch time. The rest of my “nutritional” day has continue as any other day, with lunch and dinner cooked my way. This is to demonstrate that…one thing does not exclude the other!