Complete Foods: a brief history (part 2)

In the previous article we talked about the origins of Complete Food. Find the article here: Here is the second part!

Since the end of 2014, some European companies have begun to take inspiration from the idea of ​​Soylent, to produce similar products in Europe. Thus the first European Complete Foods were born: Huel, Joylent (later forced by Soylent to change its name to JimmyJoy), Ambronite.
At Bivo we learned about the complete food concept at the beginning of 2015, trying first to use foreign products, and then deciding to create an Italian version. Given that no one had thought of it in Italy and that we didn’t like the different versions we had tasted up to that point, either because of the use of chemical ingredients or because of the taste. At first we created a “home” version of the product, and then decided to found a real company. To learn more about the history of how Bivo was born, you can read this blog article: the first attempts to put together Bivo.
From 2015 onwards, the complete foreign food market has literally exploded. Many other realities have been created, such as the French Feed., already distributed in thousands of supermarkets, or the German YFood, a very rich startup.
The products themselves have evolved over time. We ourselves launched a very first version with Bivo in 2017, and then released the current Bivo 2.0 version last year (new developments are in progress this year …).
What will the future hold for complete food? The data say that demand is growing strongly. Complete food abroad is the highest-growth food sector ever! Even in our country, certainly very traditional in the culinary field, more and more people are intrigued and decide to try a complete food.
Bivo has made clear choices in this market, focusing on the quality of raw materials, Made in Italy, the nutritional proportions of the Mediterranean Diet. We have chosen not to use added sugars, neither sweeteners nor preservatives. We focused on a natural product, to be used in a flexible manner according to the needs, without imposing any specific diet or method of employment. Basically, bivouac is simply food, even if innovative: a truly functional food, healthy and immediately ready, useful on many occasions.
Are you curious to try? What are you waiting for! Visit the product page: Bivo Products.